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Sampson Named Top Underclassmen Wrestler

TDR Editor’s Notes; The 2018 Roy Heverly Award will be presented to Junior Alec Sampson of Wilmington Hoggard High School as the top underclassmen scholastic wrestler in eastern North Carolina. The presentation is tentatively scheduled for August 24th at a home football game. More details to be announced.
In Alec’s first season in North Carolina he went undefeated and was the 160 lbs. 4-A State Champion. He is originally from Dallas Pennsylvania and has been wrestling since he was young kid. In middle school he took 3rd in the Super 32 Tournament and won both Greco and Freestyle in the PA State Tournament. He represented PA twice at Fargo and finished his sophomore year with a record of 36-6. He also placed 6th in the NHSCA Nationals his freshman year and 4th his sophomore year. He has plans to eventually wrestle in college at the D1 level.


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Michigan wrestling news

TDR Editor’s Notes; Bad news from Michigan in that Eastern Michigan looks to cut pennies from its sports budget just after having their first All-American in years. Also the University of Michigan announces their new head coach.
Sean Bormet Elevated to Head Coach of Michigan Wrestling at http://mgoblue.com/news/2018/3/27/bormet-elevated-to-head-coach-of-michigan-wrestling.aspx?mc_cid=6a32a697e0&mc_eid=2ef7cbca4b
Stratford grad Mason Kauffman ‘blindsided’ by end of Eastern Michigan’s wrestling program
On the Bench: EMU, there were other options
On March 20, representatives of the Eastern Michigan University (EMU) announced that the Ypsilanti school would be cutting four of its sports programs — wrestling, softball, women’s tennis and men’s swimming — leaving 82 Eastern athletes and eight coaches in the cold. According to The Detroit News, the decision is expected to save the institution $2.4 million to make up for the college’s declining university revenues. Rest of the story at https://nsucurrent.nova.edu/on-the-bench-emu-there-were-other-options/?mc_cid=6a32a697e0&mc_eid=2ef7cbca4b

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How Colleges Are Pushing The NCAA To Recognize Women’s Wrestling

TDR Editor’s Notes; We especially like the first two sentences and the last two sentences. Just need to hit the link and read the entire article to see the last two.
Wrestling is a big deal in Iowa. If you walk into any bar in the Hawkeye State during its high school wrestling tournament, chances are the event is blaring on every TV in sight. Like many states, Iowa doesn’t offer separate sex divisions in high school wrestling, meaning that boys and girls must wrestle each other. Despite the local popularity of the sport, there’s not much of an infrastructure for its female athletes — only two girls have ever qualified to participate in Iowa’s state high school tournament since it started almost a century ago. Many athletes, coaches and fans of female wrestling want the status quo to change, including Charlotte Bailey.
The co-founder of Female Elite Wrestling has been coordinating the state’s only standalone wrestling tournament for girls since 2012. Rest of the story at http://iowapublicradio.org/post/wrestle-girl-how-colleges-are-pushing-ncaa-recognize-womens-wrestling?mc_cid=6a32a697e0&mc_eid=2ef7cbca4b#stream/0

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NAIA Grants Invitational Status to Women’s Wrestling

TDR Editor’s Notes; Great to see the expanding wrestling opportunities on the college level. The NAIA has more than double the number of men’s teams in the last ten years and had greatly expanded the number of women’s teams in recent years.
By Jennifer Saab, Director of Communications
KANSAS CITY, MO, April 14, 2018 – The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) will add women’s wrestling as an invitational sport beginning the 2018-19 academic year. The decision was unanimously approved today by the NAIA’s National Administrative Council at the NAIA National Convention in Kansas City, Mo. “The NAIA is proud to be the first intercollegiate athletics association to officially recognize women’s wrestling,” said NAIA President & CEO Jim Carr. “This is a great opportunity to empower female student-athletes both athletically and academically. The recent growth of the sport indicates it will have a strong future with our association.” The NAIA has more member institutions sponsoring women’s wrestling than any other intercollegiate athletics association. This year, 19 schools offered women’s wrestling and it’s anticipated that the 2018-19 academic year will have 25 teams. Rest of the story at http://www.naia.org/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=27900&ATCLID=211711076

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TDR Top 12 Team Plaques

TDR Editor’s Notes; The following wrestlers have been named to the TDR Top 12 Team of Eastern North Carolina. They will have their name and weight class engraved on a wooden plaque which will be presented to them before the end of this school year. This is the 14th year that the TDR has presented plaques to the top wrestlers. The complete Top 12 Team with the top 12 wrestlers at each weight class and 12-24 wild card selections across all weights will be named in the coming week along with Top 4 or Big Award winners.
Wght. Name Team
106 Decatur, Christian Rosewood
106 Dudley, Wil New Bern
106 Jacob, David Rocky Mount
106 Johns, Noah Clayton
113 Leigh, Arien First Flight
113 Taylor, Noah Lumberton
120 Campbell, Hunter North Brunswick
120 Decatur Timothy Rosewood
120 Lawrence, Rahsun Rocky Mount
126 Asby, Carson Washington
126 Derby, Jeremiah First Flight
126 Padilla, Jason Jacksonville
132 Amodeo, Reid Rosewood
132 Patel, Ayush Wake Forest
138 Locke, Tony Northside (Jacks.)
138 Mondragon, Marcus Laney
138 Todd, Jordan Rosewood
145 Bancroft, Aaron Fike
145 James, Deondra Clayton
145 King, Sincere North Pitt
145 Tittle, Zain South Brunswick
152 Finney, Seth Rosewood
152 Kinsey, Kristian Havelock
160 Sampson, Alec Hoggard
160 Soliz, Joshua Southwest Onslow
170 Bethel, Jacary West Brunswick
170 Brooks, Darnel North Brunswick
170 Perkins, Malik Farmville Central
182 Ferguson, Andrew Washington
182 Studebaker, Beau East Carteret
195 Belcher, Jerell South Central
195 Malone, Jack Wake Forest
195 Stutz, Darrien Pasquotank
220 Harris, Albert Currituck County
220 Peterson, Patrick Swansboro
220 Williams, Larry Corinth Holders
285 Armstrong, Javon Pamlico
285 Crump, Joshua West Craven
285 Everett, Khalic North Pitt
285 Hudson, Thomas Dixon

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Stokes-Carroll Award Finalists

TDR Editor’s Notes; The following wrestlers are the finalists for the TDR Michael Stokes and Lee Carroll Awards. Over 60 trophies have been presented since 2001. The Michael Stokes Award will be given to the top Senior in the inland rural area between the Chowan and Neuse rivers in the TDR coverage area of eastern North Carolina. The Lee Carroll Award has usually been awarded to the top underclassman.
Senior Finalists; Malik Perkins (170) of Farmville Central, Carson Asby (126) of Washington, Andrew Ferguson (182) of Washington, Sincere King (145) of North Pitt and Reid Amodeo (132) of Rosewood.
Underclassmen Finalists; Timothy Decatur (120) and Christian Decatur (106) and Jordan Todd (138) of Rosewood, David Jacob (106) of Rocky Mount and Aaron Bancroft (145) of Wilson Fike.
We welcome input from fans, coaches and representatives of the media. Send input by e-mail to martinkfleming@gmail.com

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More College Coaching Updates

TDR Notes; Trying to catch up on some coaching notes. Will post the Finalists for the Michael Stokes and Lee Carroll Awards tomorrow.
Ben Stehura Resigns as Head Wrestling Coach at CSU
New teams in Leavenworth

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TDR Big Award Finalists

TDR Editor’s Notes; The following wrestlers are the tops in eastern North Carolina based on their performances this year. They are the finalists for the TDR Big 4 Awards. Over 60 trophies have been presented since 2001. The James Johnson Award will be given to the top Senior in the TDR coverage area of eastern North Carolina. Awards will also be given in honor of past top level wrestlers such as Roy Heaverly, Michael Stokes and Lee Carroll. Details about each will be explained later.
Clarification – The following are finalists for the first two awards. The finalists for the Stokes and Carroll Awards will be announced. There may be some overlap.
Senior Finalists; Jeremiah Derby (126) of First Flight, Darnel Brooks (170) of North Brunswick, Beau Studebaker (182) of East Carteret, Darrien Stutz (195) of Pasquotank and Thomas Hudson (285) of Dixon.
Underclassmen Finalists; Timothy Decatur (120) and Christian Decatur (106) of Rosewood, Javon Armstrong (285) of Pamlico County, Alec Sampson (160) of Wilmington Hoggard and Jordan Todd (138) of Rosewood.
We welcome input from fans, coaches and representatives of the media. Send input by e-mail to martinkfleming@gmail.com

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This for Coach Hixon

TDR Note; Life surpasses wrestling yet wrestling can add meaning and direction in life as we are confronted with pain, irrationality, and baffling evil. Our compliments and admiration for Coach Hixon and his wrestlers. Thus we pass this along in memory of his positive impact on fellow human beings.
CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. — “Stoneman Douglas is close.” That announcement came from Coral Springs High School athletic director Dan Jacob as wrestlers, coaches and spectators waited for the District 12 AAA sectionals to start Wednesday afternoon. “Coaches, make sure your teams are ready.” Jacob was more than willing to accommodate the Eagles wrestlers from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. They were on their way from Nativity Catholic Church in Hollywood, some 30 miles away, where they had been attending the funeral mass for Christopher Hixon, their coach and athletic director at Stoneman Douglas. He was one of 17 people killed in the Ash Wednesday massacre at the Florida school just a week before. A Navy veteran of the Gulf War, he had died after racing in a golf cart toward the sound of gunfire, trying to protect the people he considered family. Rest of the story at http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/22532373/marjory-stoneman-douglas-wrestlers-remember-chris-hixon-competing-memory

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Brian Brakeman wins 2017 Dellinger Award

TDR Notes; Yes this is way overdue yet we wanted to extend our recognition to Mr. Brakeman and thanks to him for all of his work in supporting wrestling over the years. The National Wrestling Media Awards have not been announced for 2018 (or at least we have missed seeing them) and we look forward to passing them along when they come to our attention.
Cleveland’s Brian Brakeman, producer of the annual “Brakeman Report” which covered Ohio amateur wrestling for more than four decades, has been named recipient of the 2017 Bob Dellinger Award for amateur wrestling writing, the award’s sponsor, Amateur Wrestling News, announced in the magazine’s Oct. 15, 2017 issue. Here’s how the Greater Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame, which recently inducted Brakeman, described this year’s Dellinger Award winner and his contribution to wrestling in the state of Ohio. “Brian Brakeman’s influence on Ohio high school wrestling is legendary. A statistical wizard with the papers to prove it, Brakeman has compiled a dazzlingly accurate state tournament forecast that for 45 years has been an invaluable guide for wrestlers, coaches and college recruiters. He calls it the “Brakeman Report.” Others call it the wrestling “bible.” It is the premier state wrestling forecast in the country.
“Since 1972, Brakeman has ranked the top 25 or so wrestlers in each weight class in every division, highlighted by projected state champions and order of team finish. In all these years his accuracy rate is 70%. One recent year he picked 13 of 14 state champs in Division I …” Amateur Wrestling News described Brakeman as “the face of high school wrestling in Ohio.” Beginning in the early 1970s, Brakeman, along with Mike Massa, anchored WVIZ-TV telecasts of the sectional, district and state wrestling tournaments in Ohio. The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) adopted many of his recommendations for enhancing the state tournament. …. note: Among the past recipients of the Dellinger Award: Mike Finn, Jason Bryant, Andy Hamilton, Tom Elling, AWN writers Don Sayenga, Jim Kalin and Ron Good, author Jamie Moffatt, late historian and “The History of Collegiate Wrestling” book author Jay Hammond, and Mark Palmer, InterMat senior writer.
Rest of the story at

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